SilverPrints are pure silver charms designed to showcase the fingerprints of your loved ones. We start with silver clay and take an impression of your fingerprint. We do all the finishing, firing and polishing of your piece for you. These silver charms are similar than the ones that you can make yourself in our Silver Clay Classes, however, we realized that it was not practical for you to bring your child(ren) to a 2-hour workshop just to have them press their finger into the clay. In addition, fingerprints are quite delicate and tricky to capture on your first attempt, so we decided to do it all for you!

How do I get my SilverPrints?

Making personalized jewelry has never been so easy. Simply call 303-776-2211 to make an appointment to come to our studio and our helpful Crackpot staff will capture your fingerprints in Silver Clay. We'll do all the finishing and firing for you. Your pure silver fingerprint charms will be ready in less than a week.

How much do SilverPrints cost?

SilverPrint charms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from $25 to $70*. Jump rings are included in the price. Italian sterling silver findings (ie. chains, earrings, etc.) and crystal birthstone "doo dads" are available at a affordable prices to complete your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We are currently taking appointments for SilverPrints, so please call us at 303-776-2211 to schedule yours today!