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Vintage Christmas Tree, Large (9.5W x 14H)

Vintage Christmas Tree, Large (9.5W x 14H)

  • Kit prices include glazing & firing of your pottery.
  • Medium Christmas Tree stands 12" high, but on the base it measures 14" high. It comes with multi-color pin lights and a clip-in light kit (7 watt bulb).
  • FOR THE TREE:  Choose from Our Specialty Glaze Glass Green (deep & shiny forest green that moves and falls into the cracks and crevices just right), or Bright Green (Shown in photo with brick wall). These are the most "traditional" choices, but let us know if you have other ideas... purple tree? Why not!
  • FOR THE BASE: Choose from Traditional Red or a Christmas Palette of Colors. 
  • If you have other ideas for your tree colors, please indicate it in the notes. 
  • Only use the paints we provide, as any other materials will not fire properly in our kilns.
  • Non-Refundable

    If you order a kit and decide you would like to cancel it prior to pick up, we would be happy to issue studio credit. 

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