Birthday Parties

Fun for the kids; Stress-free for the parents. See how we can make this your best party ever!

  • Party Packages require a minimum of 8 participating kids.
  • You'll enjoy a private party room for 90 minutes. Kids typically paint for the first 45 minutes to 1 hour, then we clean up and move everything out of the way so you can enjoy cake, etc.
  • The price per child includes a Party Palette of colors, the party, and any necessary firing!
  • Each Party Package includes a selection of popular kids items, discounted so you can enjoy an affordable party that your kids will love too!  (Custom requests may cost extra.)
  • A friendly Crackpot Party Host will be there to help throughout your party. 
  • Please limit the non-painting guests to parents/grandparents. Parents of your guests are encouraged to drop their kids off, and are welcome to explore the wonderful downtown shops nearby. 
  • Book your party today with a $25 deposit... See your choices below.

Lava Party

$26 (+tax) per painter
Choice of Fox Bank, Comfy Bowl, Candy Dispenser, or Fairy House.

Lava Party ($26/child)

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Meltdown Party

$22 (+tax) per painter
Choice of Donut Mug, Emoji Bank, Owl Bowl, or Cel Phone/Bank Buddy.

Total Meltdown Party ($22/child)

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On Fire Party

$18 (+tax) per painter
Choice of Cafe au Lait Mug, Med. Heart Plate, Whale Scrubby, or Ice Cream Cone Box.

On Fire Party ($18/child) Explore Now!

Hot Stuff Party

$14 (+tax) per painter 
Choice of Rim Dessert Plate, Tradition Mug, Horse or Pug.

Hot Stuff Party ($14/child)

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Mosaic Party (8yrs+)

$20+tax per person. For kids 8 and up. Mosaic projects can be taken home the same day! 

Mosaic Party ($20/child 8yrs and up only) Explore Now!