Glass Fusing

Discover the beauty and simplicity of this magical medium...

We LOVE glass! It's the perfect alternative for those who tell us, "I can't even draw a straight line." With glass, there's no need to draw at all. You simply arrange pretty colors and shapes on a base piece of glass to make designs that make you happy. We then carefully fuse (aka melt) your arrangement into one piece of glass!

How it works:

You start by choosing which project you'd like to do from our display. We'll get you started with the appropriate base of glass and you decorate it with colored glass on top. We have a wide selection of colorful glass blocks, strips, bits, noodles, dots and frit to make decorating versatile and fun.  Our staff will show you some basic skills and tips to make designing your project a breeze.  Please note that glass fusing is really reserved for our 13 years old and up... it's sharp stuff after all. Younger kids are required to have adult supervision and may decorate using our kid-friendly glass (cutting is reserved for adults).

Our Beginner's Glass Fusing Class is a comprehensive class that will introduce you to the wonderful of glass. Check out the dates here.


  • $8 Studio Fee, plus the glass project of your choice. Glass projects start at $7 for a 3"x3" project.  
  • Your studio fee includes the use of all the glass fusing materials and tools, as well as the first "Fuse Firing". 
  • $6 Slumping Fee (optional). This is an additional fee for those who choose to “Slump” their projects into one of the shapes displayed at our studio. The “slump firing” is a second firing at a different temperature.
  • Extras:  We also have many accessories that can make your glass masterpiece functional as well as beautiful, such as night light parts, bails for hanging, etc.

Turnaround Time:

The turnaround time on glass projects varies, but approximately one week is a general rule. We will call you when your project is ready.